Australian Security Recruitment (A.S.R) provides employers flexibility when seeking experienced staff by offering two fee arrangements/ options.


Australian Security Recruitment Pty Ltd (A.S.R) fee structure is calculated in two ways as either a percentage amount derived from the annual remuneration package of the role including superannuation. An agreed approximate salary must be provided by the employer of the successful candidate once in the role at the time of appointment on the start date. Alternatively, a pre-agreed flat recruitment fee is negotiated which offers all employers total flexibility when entrusting your positions vacant with us. (First Assignments In Any State Are Undertaken Using Option 2)

Salary / Package

Up to $90k

$91k to $110k

$111k to $134k

$135k +

Option One - % fee





Option Two - Flat Fee

Flat Fee

By negotiation

Flat Fee

By negotiation

Flat Fee

By negotiation

Flat Fee

By negotiation

All company vehicles are calculated at $17.500pa unless a specific vehicle allowance is to be paid by the employer and in that case, the specific vehicle allowance amount is used for fee calculation on top of the annual salary package.

A.S.R does not include commissions, incentives or bonus payments into our fee calculations unless such payments are guaranteed payment, commission, bonus or are part of a group payment. In this case, the sum of the estimated income guarantee by way of bonus, commission or incentive, on top of the annual salary of the candidate, will be calculated at 75% of the estimated amount to allow for reasonable variation.

Any and all recruitment assignments that are worked on at a negotiated lower flat fee or reduced percentage rate is done so on the express understanding that A.S.R is the sole employment agency working on the role.


A.S.R accepts and prefers direct bank transfer, however, we can also accept payment on all credit cards and all invoices offer both options.

Recruitment Search fees are paid in two stages with a 30% Commencement Fee (to be paid within 48hrs) of the estimated or pre-agreed recruitment fee calculated by salary, vehicle, superannuation and any guaranteed income arrangement proposed when a search begins. The remaining 70% of the recruitment fee becomes due upon the successful candidate's start date and must be paid within 7 days unless agreed in writing otherwise.

Final placement fee invoices are due within 7 days unless written arrangements are made when the role is taken by A.S.R. Any lower/ reduced recruitment fee invoices that have no specific prior arrangement for extended payment terms that remain unpaid after 7 days immediately forfeits/ loses our replacement guarantee as a benefit and is considered and re-calculated at standard full-fee recruitment assignment terms (Option 1). Then an (Option 1) "Full Fee" percentage-based balance becomes due immediately and payment is sought via a third party after a further 7 days.

FOR YOUR PROTECTION, an employer reserves the right at any stage after 60 days of the commencement fee being paid to utilize the commencement fee in question in the very unlikely event a placed candidate is not forthcoming. This guarantee and replacement role can be of any seniority level and decisions thereof are totally at the clients'/employers' discretion. Please note, that commencement fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. 

Any and all funds contributed to a role by a client/ employer of ASR are valid until the end of 12 months from the assignment search beginning and in which they are paid. Continuation of the search for the existing role or any vacancies after that is requested or undertaken after 1 year are deemed new assignments by ASR and are subject to new recruitment fee/ assignment negotiation & terms. 


If any candidate introduced by A.S.R for a permanent position should leave within 16 weeks of their engagement/ start date, ONE replacement candidate of the same type and in the same location geographically (State) will be searched for and placed FREE OF CHARGE and all our other terms remain unchanged. (By negotiation/ discussion and prior agreement, if a replacement candidate is provided of a different type then any difference in the negotiated roles cost becomes due as a balance upon placement)  

Whilst A.S.R will endeavour to select applicants considered to be suitable for the client's needs, A.S.R does not accept liability on behalf of itself, for any loss or damage, cost compensation, however, caused, which the client may suffer or become liable for, arising out of, or in connection with, or as a result of the introduction by A.S.R to the client of an applicant, whether or not the applicant is subsequently engaged by the client.

(7-Day Payment Terms MUST BE ADHERED TO for guarantees to be used by ANY employer)


Should any person introduced in any way including verbal, text message or otherwise by A.S.R and within 18 months of the introduction be offered and accept permanent, temporary or contract employment of any kind within a client organisation, any of its affiliates or third party or through obvious referral by the client or candidate, the client/employer must inform A.S.R within 48hrs of the candidate starting employment. In the regretful case where A.S.R are not informed and it is established during one of our various Fraud-Check processes or otherwise that an employment arrangement (as outlined above) has taken place without our knowledge, the employer and the candidate become equally and immediately liable and will be invoiced separately for a full recruitment fee (Option 1) and is calculated simply using option 1 (See Above) and these invoices will include a 25% cost addition which is used for administration costs and a donation is also made to a charitable organisation of our choice.

These terms & conditions of service are deemed to be the basis of A.S.R's agreement to supply staff to a Client/ Employer as requested and become effective upon engagement of Australian Security Recruitment Pty Ltd recruitment service commencing the registering or discussing a new position vacant or following up an inquiry made to A.S.R, employers seeking new staff members, indeed, any email, discussion and/ or other correspondence between us and any contact is sufficient to become bound by these terms.   


The prevailing GST will be added to all invoices.


Once an offer of employment has been sent to a candidate and is returned and signed by the candidate either electronically or otherwise the agreement stands, and changes of any kind must be agreed upon by the new employer, ASR and the candidate until the start date. In the unlikely event that a candidate does not inform ASR and-or the employer directly or indirectly within 24hrs of their intention or inability for whatsoever reason to not begin work with the client-employer, any and all costs incurred by ASR either directly or indirectly after the signed paperwork has been received are simply itemised and charged to the candidate directly within 48hrs of the breach of contract with an administration charge their-of of $1275.00 and failure to pay the combined amount within 7 days results in the invoice being managed a debt collection agency. (any alterations to this policy must be in writing and signed by a director of Australian Security Recruitment)

Any flights or transportation or relocation costs incurred by ASR during any interview process or onboarding to a new role are the responsibility of the candidate and the charges to ASR their-of are invoiced directly to the candidate and are due within 7 days.

Revised Terms Of Business / Trading Options 01/01/2019




Fair Play is relevant to clients/ employers who have used our service. A.S.R respectfully requests Clients/ Employers to clarify if you have any potential candidate(s) under consideration for a role we are starting to work on for you and those candidates, in particular, will not be approached or spoken to and confidentiality is guaranteed, these candidates you specify will be excluded from our terms in respect of the info/ terms outlined below.

All Positions Vacant we commence search procedures on enjoy 25yrs of recruitment resources, processes and refinement and get huge exposure throughout our industry, we advertise and market each role very close to the actual position specifics, things like workplace location, specific technologies used/ sold or services offered as this results in far better candidates for you to meet, however, this openness and accuracy comes at a cost, in that, less honest candidates sometimes work out who (You) our employers/ clients are and make direct contact which is dishonest and not ideal from our perspective...

Therefore, All Reduced Fee percentage or Low Flat Fee recruitment assignments we work on for you are done so upon the clear understanding that any and all candidates whatsoever that present themselves and/ or apply after we commence our recruitment procedures must be forwarded to A.S.R and registered and processed by A.S.R at whatever stage in the recruitment process. 

Australian Security Recruitment is a family-owned niche recruitment provider to only the Australian Security Industry and our owner has dedicated all recruitment activities towards this industry for his entire career of 25yrs, furthermore, we have invested very heavily over many years in general marketing, web & email bulletin marketing initiatives, professional & social media specific marketing plans that are without equal.

This integrated Australian Security Industry-specific marketing policy is very costly to maintain yet means huge numbers of security-specific industry professionals learn of all the roles we work on for you and is covered in our terms. 

Revised Terms Of Business / Trading Options & "FAIR PLAY" terms 01/01/2019



Privacy Statement

All personal information collected by Australian Security Recruitment Pty Ltd (ASR or ASR's Hereafter) is protected by the Privacy Act 1988. Further information about the Privacy Act is available on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website.
This Privacy Policy explains ASR's commitment to protecting the privacy of personal information. It applies to personal information collected by ASR.
ASR's Complete Privacy Policy.
Information we collect and how it is used.
ASR achieves its overall objective of quality employment outcomes for the Australian security industry through:
Effective working relationships with individuals, employment service providers, industry, community groups and other stakeholders
auditing, research and analysis in order to maintain, protect and improve its services
ASR collects personal information in order to properly and efficiently carry out its functions. ASR only uses personal information for the purpose(s) for which it was given to ASR and for directly related purposes (unless otherwise required by or authorised by law) or as consented to by the individual concerned.
Communication - emails and electronic forms
ASR’s servers and databases may record your email address if you send ASR a message online. This information may be used to respond to your message, to contact you for the purposes as set out above under the heading Information ASR collects and how it uses it, where you have provided it to ASR for the purpose of subscribing, to add you to the appropriate subscription service(s). However, your email address will not be added to any third-party mailing list.
Where you choose to send ASR a completed electronic form that includes your personal details, ASR collects personally identifiable information such as name, address and email address.
The information collected by email or electronic forms will not be disclosed unless one of the circumstances described below under the heading Information Sharing has been satisfied. 
Log information (browsing)
When you use ASR’s online services, its servers automatically record information that your browser sends whenever you visit a website. These server logs may include information such as your server address, your top-level domain name (for example, .com, .gov, .au, .uk, etc), the date and time of visit to the site, the pages accessed and documents viewed, the previous sites visited, the browser type, the browser language, and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser.
Website Analytics
ASR’s websites use cookies. A cookie is a small file that our site may place on your computer to remember your preferences. It is information that your web browser sends back to ASR’s website server whenever you visit it again.  It does not store any personal information.
You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however, if you do this, you may not be able to use the full functionality of our websites.
Google Analytics
ASR uses Google Analytics to collect information about visitors to its website. It anonymously tracks how visitors interact with this website, including how they have accessed the site (for example from a search engine, a link, an advertisement) and what they did on the site. Google Analytics does not identify individual users or associate your IP address with any other data held by Google.
ASR uses reports provided by Google Analytics to help us understand website traffic and webpage usage. ASR may also use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting to help us understand more about visitors to the site including Age, Gender, and Interest data.
You can opt-out of Google Analytics and limit the tracking applied to your browsing behaviour by third parties by:
disabling or refusing cookies;
disabling JavaScript;
Use the opt-out service provided by Google;
Learn more about privacy and online security at the Stay Smart Online website.
Social Media
ASR also uses interfaces with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others and anonymously tracks traffic generated from advertising and marketing on social media sites.
ASR may use anonymised analytics information from these sites to measure the effectiveness of our content.
If you choose to "like" or "share" information from this website through these services, you should review the privacy policy of that service. If you are a member of a social media site, they may allow the social media site to connect your visits to this site with other Personal Information.
Access and alteration of records containing personal information
When you provide personal information in relation to ASR’s services, ASR will allow you access to your personal information and will correct your personal information if it is inaccurate (subject to restrictions on such access or alteration of records under the applicable provisions of any law of the Commonwealth).
Information Sharing
ASR only discloses personal information to third parties in the following circumstances:
where you are reasonably likely to have been aware or made aware by way of a privacy notice, that your personal information is usually passed to the relevant parties
where you have consented to the disclosure of your personal information
where we believe on reasonable grounds that the disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to your life or health or that of another person
where the disclosure is required or authorised by or under law
where the disclosure is reasonably necessary for the enforcement of criminal law or a law imposing a pecuniary penalty, or for the protection of public revenue.
Information security

ASR takes all reasonable steps:
to protect the personal information held in its possession against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure or misuse
to ensure that, where it has given personal information to a contractor (that carries out a service for ASR), the contractor complies with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act.


Data integrity
ASR takes reasonable steps to make sure that the personal information it collects and stores is accurate, relevant, up-to-date, complete and not misleading.
Changes to this policy
Please note that this Privacy Policy will be regularly reviewed and may change from time to time.

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